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Here's the Latest on our Production...

Commercial for MacGuffin & Sons: "Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It!"

Our Successful Showcase Closed on Dec 11th 2011
And a BIG Thank You to ALL who made the effort - especially so close to Christmas - to make it down and see our 1st Production. As I told the Cast - this is the One and Only - 1st - presentation of this play and for all of History, their names and our audience will have broken the bottle on the bow of our new ship...

We are starting to take a look at the three (3) week run in October 2012... possibly with a 2nd play (of mine own authorship) to play along as a companion piece... there MIGHT be a Festival appearance, before then, around April... stay tuned!

Showcase OPENING Dec 8th 2011
Thursday Night 8PM, followed by Friday night 8PM and Saturday night at 8PM with Matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 1PM...

TBG Art Center Theatre at 312 West 36th Street on the 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018 (Between 8th and 9th Ave)

Call 212 868 4444 or order online:

NOTE: There is NO Service Charge ordering ahead of time, online... and we will NOT be able to process Credit Cards at the Box Office on the day of the performance... so please bring a $20 bill and we'll give you $2 dollars change and we can all avoid those excessive processing fees that make these humble enterprises needlessly expensive.

NOTE: The Theatre is located just a couple blocks from Penn Station (or Macy's IF you haven't completed your Christmas Shopping) and just four blocks south of Port Authority on the same Avenue... or you can park at several lots just outside the exit on 36th from the Lincoln Tunnel

NOTE: Also, You might want to get to the theatre a bit early (say 7:30PM) as the elevator tends to get backed up... and the early birds will be treated to a nice cup of coffee, some pleasantly priced pastry and can read up on Dear Miss Nell Gwyn and the handsome David Garrick, the actors of that Era whose ghosts may well be in attendance... uh, that's if their spiritual Agents can clear Equity Waviers for British performers


Welcome to the world of “Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It!”

Come and ponder the meaning of the (Defense) of Marriage Act… of 1753 !